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Everything you search for you already have. Let me guide you to unfold the mystic & wonderful you. 

by: channeling Spirits  – Customised Healing sessions  – Distant Healing/Counseling –  Kryon School Teachings – Workshops – Talks

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Wanaka, Queenstown, Invercargill, Dunedin


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I open my heart and  connect to the divine source.   Energy, Symbols, Crystals, Colours, Sounds, Light language is flowing through me. While I work with you. I connect with Jesus, Lumina, Anu & many other Beings. You will be protected through my prayer  and your cells will remember  your divine  order.


buch mit kerze


Perception is what I teach. Through perception  I get taught while I teach. I am both – Student and Teacher – in every moment .



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